AP Declaration Helper Interview

Welcome to the AP Declaration Helper Interview Application!

The AP Declaration Helper Interview application can help you to quickly and easily determine whether one or more of your nuclear-related activities are likely to be declarable under the Additional Protocol. You will need some knowledge of the activities you wish to evaluate, but detailed knowledge of the Additional Protocol is not necessary. Simply using the interview application and viewing its context-sensitive help topics will help you gain a better understanding of the Model AP in general and the specific factors involved in the declaration decision process.

There are two approaches from which you may take this interview to determine whether any of your past, current, or planned activities are likely to be declarable:

  • Evaluate a Single Activity - You may take the interview to evaluate a single activity. This approach may be used to determine and document whether the activity is or is not likely to be declarable. The interview process must be completed separately for each activity to be evaluated in this manner. Use this option if you are aware of a specific activity and want to determine if it is likely to be declarable.

  • Evaluate/Identify Multiple Activities - You may take the interview to evaluate multiple activities within your State, Party, organization, or other entity as a whole. This approach may be used to develop a list of your activities that are likely to be declarable. This interview is not designed to help you document specific activities that are unlikely to be declarable. Use this option if, for example, you want to evaluate a program to see if any of the program's activities might be declarable.

In either case, you may view or print reports to document the results of any interview session.

To begin, click the desired button below to Evaluate a Single Activity or Evaluate/Identify Multiple Activities and then enter an optional name by which you can identify your interview session at the top of the interview page. Simply click Yes or No to answer each question in the order in which they are presented and the AP Declaration Helper will provide a general suggestion as to whether the activity under evaluation is or is not likely be declarable. It is important to note that the results of the AP Declaration Helper interviews are neither definitive nor authoritative. They are based on the Model Additional Protocol (INFCIRC/540 (Corrected)) and are not intended to address your specific situation.

If you are not sure of the meaning of a term used in an interview or if you want to see additional details about a particular topic, you can click one of the many links throughout the questionnaires and you will be directed to a context-sensitive help page.

Remember, the data you enter will not be saved and you can complete as much or as little of the interview as you desire.

Evaluate a Single Activity Evaluate/Identify Multiple Activities